Top 10 Things You MUST Do in Glasgow

Glasgow is a sprawling city defined by its wealth of heritage, culture, friendly people, and stunning sights. As Scotland’s largest city, and the UK’s fourth largest, Glasgow isn’t short of things to do and places to see. No matter how long your stay is, make the most of your time in this incredible city by doing these top 10 must-do things while in Glasgow.

Visit George Square 

Glasgow City Chambers, George Square

The main civic square in Glasgow, buildings of significance such as the City Chambers and the Merchants House surround this large square, making it one of the best things to do in Glasgow. Scattered around the square are some notable statues of iconic Scottish figures including Robert Burns and Sir Walter Scott, as well as a cenotaph commemorating Glaswegians killed in the first world war. The remarkable City Chambers building undoubtedly stands out the most. The City Chambers in George Square, where various forms of governing bodies have operated for over a century, was opened by the one and only Queen Victoria herself in 1888.

Wander around the enchanting Necropolis 

Necropolis, Glasgow, Scotland

Taking a trip to a cemetery may sound like an odd tourist activity to suggest, however, Necropolis is by far one of Glasgow’s most compelling must-see places and a top activity to do. Rest assured you will not be burying or digging up anything ghoulish! Situated in the east of the city centre, next to Strathclyde University, Necropolis is a gothic cemetery with over 3,500 monuments. Its mystical atmosphere can be strongly felt and accentuates the overall wonder of the place. Meander around the monuments and work your way to the top of the hill to cast your eyes on a spectacular view of Glasgow. 

Marvel at Scotland’s oldest cathedral at Glasgow Cathedral

Glasgow Cathedral from a distance

There is no greater example of Glasgow’s medieval architecture than the stark and imposing Glasgow Cathedral. Located next to Strathclyde University, it is the oldest cathedral in mainland Scotland and the oldest building in Glasgow, dating back to 1197. It was this spot that the city was first founded on by the patron saint of Glasgow, Saint Mungo. Little remains of Glasgow’s medieval architecture in the city, however, this piece of gothic Scottish architecture is something to marvel at. Stark and imposing, Glasgow Cathedral is ideal for a photo and a perfect thing to do.

Embrace your artistic side on the Mural trail 

Bubbles mural in Glasgow, Scotland

When people hear the term ‘street art', two very contrasting things often come to mind: I heart graffiti tags and Banksy. Though not quite as controversial as the elusive latter, it’s fair to say that Glasgow street art goes a little beyond your typical I heart graffiti tags and bubble style. In fact, Glasgow is one of the best cities in the whole world to come and see street art. The Glasgow Mural Trail takes you on a journey through the city where wondrous works of art from several talented artists decorate a variety of buildings. The ones not to be missed are the St Mungo Mural on High Street, St Enoch and Child on High Street, Fellow Glasgow Residents on Albion Street, and Billy Connolly on Osbourne Street.

Fellow Glasgow Residents mural in Glasgow, Scotland

Visit the weird and wonderful Sharmanka Kinetic Theatre

Situated in Glasgow’s Trongate area lies a mystic and magical Russian spectacle. Founded in Russia in 1989, Sharmanka (Russian for Barrel-Organ) is a theatre production of the most wildly unique kind. Hundreds of carved figures and pieces of old scrap perform an incredible choreography to haunting music and synchronised light, telling the funny and tragic stories of the human spirit as it struggles against the relentless circles of life and death.

Learn about the world at Kelvingrove Museum

Side of the Kelvingrove Art Gallery

After London, Kelvingrove Museum is the most visited museum in the UK and the most popular free tourist attraction in Scotland. That kind of reputation doesn’t come by chance. Situated on the edge of Kelvingrove Park, it is the perfect place to visit after a stroll through the park. The majestic red sandstone building, built in the Spanish baroque style, is immediately noticeable. Inside the museum is an eclectic collection of more than 8,000 pieces containing a broad range of exhibits from Salvador Dali’s masterpiece ‘Christ of St John of the Cross’ to ancient Scottish and Egyptian artefacts.

Exterior of Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum

Walk along the hip Byres Road

Byres Road is the beating heart of Glasgow’s West End. This diverse, cultured street is lined from top to bottom with coffee shops, restaurants, charity shops, book shops and so much more with many more things to do. Have a browse at the different shops as you saunter down. When it comes to food, we recommend Bothy Glasgow, a relaxed Scottish restaurant that serves classics with a modern twist. The menu often changes, befitting of the seasons, however, the ingredients sourced from all over Scotland is a constant. 

Go for a drink and join the Glasgow Pub Crawl

club in the glasgow pub crawl

Head to the city centre to join the Glasgow pub crawl, you won't regret it! Glasgow's nightlife is famous for featuring plenty of top clubs and bars, especially around Sauchiehall and Bath street. There are a host of lively pubs to wet your lips in, giving the streets a radiant atmosphere. The pub crawl is the best choice for having a great night out while you meet new people and enjoy a few free shots and discounts. No matter who you are or how long you stay, this tour is for you if you just want to have fun!

Reconnect with nature at the Botanic Gardens

Botanic Gardens, Glasgow

Another delightful green space in Glasgow, the Botanic Gardens are filled with history, diverse plants, and fine buildings. Head to the entrance on Great Western Road to commence your botany adventure. The gardens feature a variety of glasshouse buildings, however, the pick of the bunch is the Kibble Palace. This striking, dome-shaped glasshouse is home to the National collection of tree ferns. Exotic plants branch through this glass building with a diversity that ranges from the arid to the tropical. Once you’ve had a wander, take a pit stop at the Botanic Gardens Tearooms for some afternoon tea. 

Get your science goggles on at Glasgow Science Centre

Glasgow Science Centre

As a five-star rated visitor attraction by the Scottish Tourist Board and one of Scotland's most popular paid-for visitor attractions, it’s fair to say that the chances of the Glasgow Science Centre being anything but a great day out are highly unlikely. The Glasgow Science Centre is situated on the River Clyde and housed in a building of wonder. Rather appropriately as a science centre, the bright metallic dome and crescent-shaped construction wouldn’t look out of place in a sci-fi film. Once you’ve finished marvelling at the building from the outside, you can then enter inside where three floors are teeming with over 250 interactive exhibits including a Planetarium and a Science Show Theatre, and an abundance of activities and things to do.